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Le 20 avril 2016, 10:31 dans Humeurs 0

There are some nights I get home from teaching and all I want to do is pour a bowl of cereal and veg out. But this girl has serious portion control issues with cereal so I can’t keep it in the house. Check out How to Stop Binge Eating for more information on why I don’t keep cereal in the house. I’m sure you have had those nights too. You walk in, you are tired, hungry and on the verge of eating all the food in the house. Yup that’s me at least once a week.

That’s why I create recipes like these simple paleo crab cake recipe. You literally throw everything in a bowl, mix and cook. And you only have to flip then once (horray). Done in like 6-7 minutes. And if you are lucky and did some meal prep earlier in the week, you likely have some roasted veggies to serve this with, and a healthy dinner is on the table in under 10 minutes.  That’s faster than takeout or delivery!

Oh and did I mention that these simple paleo crab cakes are affordable? Yup, I used canned crab meat in this crab cake recipe. This girl is on a budget! I tried to keep the ingredients to a minimum, all things I have in the pantry or fridge 24/7. Almond meal, egg whites, fresh parsley, lemon juice, garlic powder and salt. So simple and so light. No heavy breading or filling here!

I remember the first time I’ve ever tasted a crab cake. My step-dad used to order crab cakes anywhere we went if they were on the menu. Then he would rate them against his “favorites”. He would always share a bite with my sister and I if he thought they were good! I grew up strict vegetarian from 13-22 so I had never had crab cakes in my life. That’s such a fun memory for me to look back on. I’m not sure where these crab cakes would fall on his rating scale, since I used canned crab and all. But they are light and flaky, and not drenched in butter or oil which were always things he looked for!

You can make as many of these crab cakes as you need depending on your family situation. I make 2 cans at once so I can have them for a meal later on as well. Dave doesn’t eat crab so I get these babies all to myself. I would say that one can of crab would feed probably 1 to 1 1/2 people depending on what else you are serving with the meal. Simply double the recipe if needed.

basically more awesome

Le 10 novembre 2015, 09:44 dans Humeurs 0

This healthy, spiced and caffeinated pumpkin pie latte protein shake will give you that boost you need to get going while tasting like a liquid cross between pumpkin pie and banana pie.It’s the perfect way to start your morning for a quick breakfast, snack or to refuel after a workout HKUE ENG.

Or after the heavy lifting that is associated with portable coffee bar catering. Oh, that’s only relatable to me and my three fellow coworkers? (did you know the espresso machine is 75 pounds?? you should see my guns after this past month!)

This is actually a bit of a refresh of a recipe I made a year ago called Pumpkin Spice Latte Protein Shake. I upped the pumpkin, added a frozen banana and oats for some extra nutritious deliciousness. I actually think the oats make it more pumpkin pie-like. The frozen banana makes the texture creamier and thicker and basically more awesome.

Also, the photos look wayyy better. It’s crazy how much a year can change things cloupor!

You would think that with the colder weather, the last thing a person would want would be a frozen smoothie, but it’s actually quite refreshing. Plus since working at a gym café, I’ve gotten used to drinking the cold stuff year round.

PS We aren’t sick of pumpkin, right? The pumpkin extravaganza last week surprisingly left me with some extra pumpkin puree I needed to use apparently it was national pumpkin day on Monday. (the US has some weird holidays amiright??)

Also when you’re using all of the energy you possibly have left to run 7 miles outside while your allergies attack you and make your nose run like crazy and the one tissue you brought with you has already been used, so you wipe your snot on the sleeve of your jacket&hellip horizon;

Again, just me? (the half marathon in 6 days may just kill me!)

Aaaand I was out of my beloved Skoop protein powder for about a month and now that I have it back (new packaging and all!), I can’t get enough of the vegan deliciocity.

Something else about this recipe…I made this today. Like I made it, took pictures, edited them AND wrote the post on the same day. This is probably the first time in the history of DSHN that this has happened.

It’s weird. I feel a little too on top of things.

Usually I realize, “holy crap I have like 100 pictures to go through from 5 different recipes and when am I going to have the time to edit and write those posts and what if the food is no longer relevant..” and then I head to the fridge to procrastinate some more.

Let’s face it, I’m much more used to either ignoring all the work I have to do or I’m in panic mode because I need to get ish done.

(I mean I still have to clean up the huge mess I made and do the dishes. Let’s not get too crazy.)

Maybe it’s the pumpkin pie latte protein shake that’s fueling this productive morning?

Or the fact that Zoey is sleeping and no longer bugging the crap out of me? (<—I swear it’s like having a toddler who can jump up onto counters)

Or the mindless yet entertaining show I’m watching in the background that’s putting me in a good mood (<–Young + Hungry on Netflix. Very sit-com-y and I can’t stop watching it..laugh tracks and all. Also, I want all of her clothes.)

The point is that this pumpkin protein shake is delicious, healthy and energizing and you need it in your life.

made sunblush tomaotes

Le 11 août 2015, 03:57 dans Humeurs 0

Franco Manca has been on my ever-growing places to eat wishlist for quite some time. How could it not be given that the world and his wife seems to be chattering about them and posting glorious California Fitness, hunger inducing photos over on Twitter every time I log on?

I was, of course, delighted when I spotted on Amazon that Giuseppe Mascoli & Bridget Hugo had released the Franco Manca Artisan Pizza to Make Perfectly at Home book. At least now I could have a go at recreating these delectable dishes at home. Sure, that’s got to be the next best thing hasn’t it English Private Tutor?

I love pizza. I wanted to eat the pizza on the cover right there and then as soon as I unwrapped the newly delivered book.

Once I’d spent a pleasant few hours devouring this beautifully crafted book, full of age-old techniques, glorious recipes and photography that makes your mouth water I just had to get baking. Wood fired oven not essential, though I wouldn’t say no to having one in the garden – if you have the space, Butcher, Baker, Baby show’s you how it’s done Beauty Mama.

I’ve made many round pizzas but never a tray baked one. I really don’t know why having seen, and eaten, plenty of them while holidaying in Italy. So Dough 2 for Tray Baked Pizzas seemed like a logical place to start Beauty Mama.

According to Franco Manca the best tray pizzas are made with a very wet and elastic dough, based on a method using a polish (an equal mix of flour and water with added yeast) which is made around 16 hours ahead of the dough. It is this pre ferment that adds both texture and flavour to the finished dough.

As we all know, good pizza is all about that base. So I decided to keep the toppings simple with a rich tomato sauce and some fior di latte (cows milk) mozzarella, which as it’s pointed out in the book is always used for cooking in Italy – the fine buffalo mozzarella is placed on top of a pizza after cooking or eaten fresh in salads etc.

As I’d a jar of Brindisa Iberico pork fat (yes don’t shout, I know it’s Spanish) in the fridge I thought I’d give the salsa lardiata a try. I used a combination of passata and fresh tomoatoes in the sauce, along with a couple of home made sunblush tomaotes.

There’s not a lot of instruction as to how thick to leave the pizza base, and I think I left mine a little too deep. Not that it wasn’t good – it was delicious but next time I’ll use a slightly larger tray and aim for a slightly thinner finish but surely that’s part of the joy of cooking: trial and error until you reach your version of perfection?

All it needs alongside is a nice cold glass of Peroni.

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